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Real Estate? Tractors? No problem. These two seemingly disparate entities have been The Pod’s obsession of late, working alongside both the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (R.E.I.V) and Kubota Australia.
With our inherent multimedia and audiovisual nous, we provided a wide array of content and communication solutions for them both, each a pillar of their industry.

Covering everything from concept design through to script writing and video production, The Pod worked closely with the team at R.E.I.V in developing both their annual professional development and networking conference, Connect, as well as their Awards For Excellence gala. The process involved extensive collaboration with event organisers from both R.E.I.V and Crown Palladium, ensuring stylistic fluidity and consistency throughout the conference and awards gala. The Pod was responsible for the keynote presentation design and production, stage management and the events’ branding, which included the design and print of the award certificates.

As for Kubota Australia, The Pod has developed a fantastic working relationship with the tractor giants, having produced each of their product launches and dealer conferences since 2007. This year was particularly exciting due to the release of Kubota’s first ever 130-170 horsepower machine (basically their biggest, most powerful tractor ever!). The project involved large-scale video production, featuring 3D animation and graphics, as well as presentation development. The Pod scripted and filmed a multitude of product videos, and were also responsible for the branding design of the entire conference, entitled A New Era.

With two major projects running simultaneously, The Pod was hive of activity throughout most of 2015 as we immersed ourselves in the demands of each. Both conferences were major successes, and The Pod looks forward to working alongside R.E.I.V and Kubota Australia again in the future.

Sir Henry Parkes: “Father Of Federation”

The Pod is pleased to announce the successful completion of The Henry Parkes Story exhibition in Parkes, New South Wales.

Installed within Moat House Cottage, a replica of Sir Henry Parkes’ cottage in Coventry, England, this 12-minute cinematic animation not only tells the story of Australia’s “Father Of Federation” Henry Parkes, but also explores a number of significant historical events, both local and global, that occurred parallel with his life.

An ultra widescreen, three-projection system combined with 5.1 surround sound creates a very unique and engaging experience for the viewer. The animations are completely derived from actual historical photographs, with the story transporting viewers all the way from the Battle of Waterloo to Charles Darwin’s infamous voyage to the Galapagos Islands.

Opening to the public this week, The Henry Parkes Story is a permanent installation, a fitting tribute to and celebration of the man, as well as the township named in his honour.

Click the link for a short preview:

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LEAP Motion Gesture Control

The Pod recently road tested a new and exciting innovation in gesture-based digital interactivity, developing a display which allows users to navigate, zoom and rotate 3-D digital models on a screen without any physical contact with the interface.

Utilising LEAP motion-capture technology, and coded using Unity, a multi-platform game engine, users are able to examine detailed 3-D models of WW1 weaponry, aircraft and vehicles without actually touching the screen or using a pointing device.

The LEAP motion sensor responds to specific hand gestures made by the user to control navigation. For example, making a fist stops any action from occurring, similar to lifting a computer mouse off the mousepad. Open hand swiping gestures allows navigation through the interactive, whilst two fingers pointed allows the user to press the “buttons” on the screen.

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In mid-March, The Pod ventured out to the remote town of Robinvale in northern Victoria, hoping to learn a thing or two about the Robinvale way of life and generally get a feel for the Mallee.

Turns out the ‘feel’ of the Mallee is ‘very hot’. And the Robinvale ‘way of life’ involves farming. A lot of farming. And in the case of Select Harvests, almond farming. Which is exactly what we were there to see.

Working alongside Louise Fitzroy, founder of From Paddock to Plate, a company devoted to teaching school children about sustainability and food production, The Pod filmed and produced a series of videos about the journey every almond takes, from the orchard, all the way to the supermarket shelves.

Needless to say, we learnt a lot about almonds, and are very glad to be involved in such an educational and responsible project.