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The Pod are specialists in producing interactive experiences that engage and inform. Experience has given us an intimate knowledge and understanding of user attitudes and behaviours, which we use to develop our designs and functionality.There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’; every interactive display we produce, be it touchscreen, augmented reality, motion based or otherwise, is unique.Some other clients we’ve produced interactives for include:

Penrith Panthers Rugby League Club
National Rugby League
Australian War Memorial
ANZ Bank
National Sports Museum

Museum Victoria
Port Of Echuca Visitor Centre
Victoria University
Bunbury Visitor Centre
Newcastle Maritime Museum

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As part of the Child and Family Services of Ballarat’s 150th Anniversary, The Pod developed a series of interactives that allowed users to mine through the history of the organisation, illustrating the services they’ve provided in the past and how they’ve evolved over time.One of these exhibits is a digital timeline that allows users to scroll through and discover the most poignant dates in the organisations history, with another commemorating the wartime service of their former clients.

Gesture Interactives using Leap Motion

The Pod recently road tested a new and exciting innovation in gesture-based digital interactivity, developing a display which allows users to navigate, zoom and rotate 3-D digital models on a screen without any physical contact with the interface.

Utilising LEAP motion-capture technology, and coded using Unity, a multi-platform game engine, The Pod built and designed a WW1 interactive display that allows users to examine detailed 3-D models of WW1 weaponry, aircraft and vehicles without actually touching the screen or using a pointing device.
 We see this as a very exciting development for the future of interactive displays, marking a shift away from more traditional touchscreen technologies.

National Museum of Australia

The Pod has also developed exhibits for a number of suites featured in the National Museum of Australia. These include displays such as the ’The Saw Doctor’, ‘The Coach Builder’, ’The Bogong Moth’ and ‘Muttaburrasaurus’, each of these being stand alone touchscreen interactives that allow users to mine through the content.The Coachbuilder interactive was produced for a new exhibition at the National Museum of Australia entitled Spirited: Australia’s Horse Story. It is a catalogue of artifacts from throughout Australian Equine history, showcasing icons of Australia’s racing industry, antique horse-drawn carts and riding equipment.

The Coachbuilder Book of Designs is a digital representation of the actual book featuring engravings and photographs that originally appeared in the trade newspaper ‘The Australasian Coach builder and Wheelwright’ from 1901-1917. It features gesture-based, pinch and zoom technology that allows users to view in greater detail the original 258 pages of the book.