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The Perth Mint

The Pod, working in cooperation with Acumen Design and DRM Audiovisual, were responsible for the production of an array of interactive media and cinematic installations for the newly revamped Perth Mint visitors centre. These included multiple interactive videos and displays, as well as a five screen, 3-D cinematic showpiece entitled “The Wonder Of Gold”.

The Pod’s inherent design and visual nous meant the resultant displays provide the Perth Mint with a far more modern feel than previously, catering for the technology-savvy audiences of today.

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The Wonder of Gold

The Perth Mint, home to the largest collection of gold nuggets, gold bars and specialist coins in Australia, features an array of newly installed multimedia exhibits, which The Pod helped produce.

Perhaps the most notable among them is ‘The Wonder Of Gold’, a 12 x 3 metre multiscreen presentation produced for their newly redesigned visitor centre. This highly cinematic showpiece is a visual feast of imagery, scale and surprises.

The Lust for Gold

The Perth Mint holds and protects the largest depository of gold in Australia. Ever since the discovery of gold, there has been thieves. Sometimes, they have been very clever, sometimes, not so much. This new multimedia installation, as part of the new Perth Mint Visitor Centre, is housed in their 100-year-old vault. It is a cinematic experience depicting three famous robberies that have taken place since the discovery of alluvial gold in Australia’s west.

Your weight in Gold

Featuring a series of 3D animations, this interactive teaches visitors to understand the pricing of gold in a very unique way; by calculating their individual weight and determining the exact monetary value of that weight in gold! The interactive is engaged by simply standing on a scale, which is connected digitally to a computer located at the base of the touchscreen.


The Pod produced a number of other interactive displays for the Perth Mint, including a selection of short videos that play on demand via touchscreen technology. These videos provide an illustrated history of gold mining in Western Australia. From the pioneers of the Golden West to the industry-scale mining of the Kalgoorlie super pit and everything in between, they provide visitors with a real sense of the people and history of gold mining in Australia’s west.